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Stay connected and Earn money

Digital generation

Attractive daily profits from PC

Want to Earn extra money?


The Future PC Network that pays all members

attractive daily profits

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Digital Generation Up to $100 Daily With Just One PC

If you are one of those people who want some free money, or easy money, or just plain real money (not promises), then this is for you. Just by downloading a program and running it on your computer, you can earn $30 in the next 30 days.

Join Digital Generation and link your computer to theirs to become part of the largest supercomputer on the planet. You are paid $1 for every 24 hours you are running the program and on the internet. At the end of your free 30 day trial period you can take your money and walk away, or you can reinvest (with another $20) and keep earning for a full 12 months. Earning potential is an incredible $3000/month within a year and with no recruiting or additional cost. This is the easiest money you will ever "earn". You must VERIFY your account to earn and get paid. If you cannot verify by phone open a ticket with manual verification requesting it. There is a delay in activating the free thread. Don't give up. Open a ticket with the trial department requesting the free thread to be put on the waiting list. Current activation time is around 5 days although some countries may take longer. Earnings will not be affected by the delay

Stay connected and Earn money

Digital Generation is the world's 15th most powerful performance computing system, and with nearly 300 thousand PC's joining the network in just two months, it may become the largest project in history.

MAC version brings DG to new markets around the world so even more members can enjoy digital earnings today.

Join now . . . . . . . . An easy way to make money - at least $ 1 per day

Our main mission is to expand the limits of possibility.

We are a private international organization.

Our goal is to create the most powerful super computer in the world by combining the computational power of all computers (this type of computer is used in climate modeling, calculating satellite orbits, bio-mechanics and other areas)

What do we need a super computer for?

We are supporting this interesting and unusual project so that it has the chance to make life on our planet more comfortable and safer. Our main goals are to provide financial support for cutting edge practical research, support developments that for one reason or another will disrupt the status quo (such as alternative fuels or facial recognition software) and to provide support to talented scientists and geniuses. This is needed for us now, our children will need it in the future, and the entire planet will benefit in the future!

What we propose:

Stay connected and Earn money 1Firstly

We propose a working relationship where interaction between participants is both natural and relaxed, and reinforced by confidence in the experience and general competence of the management process. We will draw strength for new achievement and progress from the thoroughness and optimism of participants in the project. We invite you to become one of us, become a strong member of our team, move forward, and only forward, with us! Success loves progress!


We offer you to use the full potential of your computer, which as a rule isnt used as it should be. Every day, in every home with an internet connection cyber-power is wasted, with out benefiting either society or the owner of the computer. And you can see that the cyber-power of modern technology is so great that not using this potential is a tragic waste. We propose using this strength, including using it for development.


We offer you the ability to become a participant in a great, in terms of concept and execution. You will also automatically become a full partner of the project.

traffic exchange

Just imagine what could happen if your mobile stopped needing a recharger and worked forever with out charging? Perhaps you think this is magic? It isnt...think of all the things that have become reality that earlier were thought to be fantasy? You must have, at some point, asked the question why, in our high-tech century, we cant create an alternative fuel?. Well give you the answer to the question-The world economy has already been mired in energy intrigue. The race for resources has become the biggest priority for every government in the world, therefore most of the discoveries and developments have been blocked or suppressed by governments. So it turns out that even ingenious ideas like alternative fuels suffer, because they are not good for continuing a cycle of corruption- for the people blocking their development, supporting alternative fuels would be like cutting off the branch they are sitting on. Our project was conceived with the idea of supporting innovative ideas and discoveries that could not receive government funding a priori.

How profitable can this be?

The size of your payment will be directly proportional to the time that our application was running on your computer during the previous month.

In our case the more Threads you take up, the higher your income.

The minimum standard award is $1 per day ($30 per month) for one running Thread.

You can find out more about income via our partner program in the "Affiliate" section, where ways of attracting new users and increasing rewards are described in further detail.

What do we get out of it?

We wont tell you that Altruism is our guiding light. Commercialization is a large part of our project. We should note though that morality, doing whats right, comes first for us, always. We are moved by a passion for new discoveries more than the financial possibilities of modern advancements.

How it works

We are free from prejudice and are open to all who deisre to join us. Working on such a difficult and grandiose project requires 100% effort and working with out making mistakes, everything must go like clockwork. Our experienced team can solve the problems put to them and has developed unique rules for success:

Take a KISS approach

Flexible when solving problems

Transparency and Honesty in business

Relationships and partnerships

The knowledge that any process and any event takes a certain amount of time to occur

A clear understanding that everything is subject to the rules of a business environment

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If youre smart, decisive, and can distinguish an interesting and profitable offer from a low income "too good to be true" offer that will take all of your free time, well be glad to see you join our project. And if you understand the concept of team-work, and if your moral principals leave you considering other things besides how to get rich quick- well be VERY happy to see you join our team. Because these principals, teamwork and not being in it just for the money, are the basis of our idea and form an ideological foundation for participants. They tie us all together!

How to become part of the team?

For those of you who decide to become part of our project, as well as to receive a stable income for allowing us to use the processing power of your computer, you must:

1 Register

2 Confirm your registration. In the registration mail you will be given a link to follow.

3 Download our application and install it on your computer. Follow the installation instructions and user guide. If you need to you can find hints on the download page.

4 Buy a connection to a Thread (this is an automated process that is required to completely enter the system and register your payment information, where the money that you earn will be sent). You can chose the payment method that is most comfortable for you. Also you will always be able to change this method at your discretion. For a full list of the payment methods available, please see the Payments page.

5 Carefully read and learn how to use our program. If you have any questions about working with the system, you can likely find the answers in the FAQ.

Join now

A Smarter Way To Use Your PC

Earn Money Using Your PC

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Autopilot Internet Income - Make Money On Autopilot! | Ewen Chia Autopilot Internet Income - Make Money On Autopilot!

DIGITAL GENERATION: A SMARTER WAY TO USE YOUR PC and EARN MONEY, Hi there, I just want to share to you this incredible program that becomes viral on the internet today. With this program we can earn extra income from home without doing anything. It's an easy install application and you're good to go. Please see the above image, as it pictures out the main structure of the program. It uses our computer threads, please do search about it as it was very technical to understand and I'm not a computer geek. Anyways, I'll give you some guides to get started.

Digital Generation a Smarter way to use your pc 1 thread free to test . Im using this software just whem im in computer and i have reach my first 1 dolar i think this is a good way to make some extra cash . You don't have to necessairly have your computer turned on 24 hours. You'll earn the time your computer was on. - 1st Level Referrals you get 20% - 2nd Level you get 10%

Coin Generation is a site that allows you to earn by doing nothing! Earn From Home with your Pc - Coin Generation Digital. You likely already have programs like Windows Media Player, FireFox and Microsoft Office. Our Program isn’t different than any other program. Its as easy to install as any other program and its completely harmless. The program works automatically, and will not interfere with other programs at all. It also won’t bother you with annoying pop-ups. You won’t even notice a difference in your computer’s performance after you install our program. In fact the only thing you will notice because of our program is the increased size of your wallet. Also you can increase your profits by buying Threads for $ 50 and you can earn 20% from yours refferal The payout is 1$ with payza, perfect money, paypal or bank account.

A Smarter Way to Use Your PC


The process is very simple The company pays us for we provide a small percentage of the processing power of your computer to help the Company's server. We are able to see our earnings grow every second without having to do anything, we only have one computer with internet connection to run the application the company will use a very small percentage of the processing power of your computer. The company pays 20% for first level referrals and 10% for second level. REGISTRATION IS FREE and the company offers a $50 THREAD (after SMS activation) to start profiting immediately from second to second. The more threads in the future we can get, the more money we can earn per day.

Where can I download your Software? You can download our software here. It doesn't take a lot of time and requires no special skills or knowledge, just follow the instructions that can be found on the download page. How does it work? You likely already have programs like Windows Media Player, FireFox and Microsoft Office. Our Program isn't different than any other program. Its as easy to install as any other program and its completely harmless. The program works automatically, and will not interfere with other programs at all. It also won't bother you with annoying pop-ups. You won't even notice a difference in your computer's performance after you install our program. In fact the only thing you will notice because of our program is the increased size of your wallet. Will your software harm my computer? Our software is completely harmless. You can check this with any anti-virus program you wish. Our program will fit normally into the processor queue, it will not effect your overall system performance. In effect the program works independently, preforms only one specific function, which is to use your computers spare processing power as a chain of computers all working towards a single goal. By using distributed processing we are able to increase processing efficiency. This makes our super-computer one of the most powerful in the world, of a type not found elsewhere in the world. What is a Thread? Before starting any process, its required to place it in a predefined Thread. For example, immediately after you turn on your computer you start a Thread that allows your computer to preform specific tasks, such as go on the internet, and view files and videos. Modern processors have a huge amount of possibilities, including the huge potential to create powerful Threads, most of which go unused because PC owners have no need for them. We propose that you allow us to use your processor's unused potential, which we will be happy to pay you for. Our super computer works on the basis of multithreading. Multithreading allows for processor's to be working on several Threads at once, processing them in parallel. This enables modern processors to either be ultra efficient, as processing tasks are divided into smaller threads. This also allows them to efficiently solve complicated algorithms. How many Threads can I run? The number of Threads you can run is directly related to the ability of your computer to run them, and of course how many you actually want to run. If your PC can run up to 10 Threads, then you can run that many. At this time there are no restrictions on the number of Threads you can run. Do I need to be connected to the internet while the program is running? It's absolutely required. The processing that your computer preforms need to be shared with other machines, otherwise distributed processing doesn't work. Where can I see how much work my PC has preformed? You can see all the statistics about how much work your computer has done on your account page. If you'd like to know about the system in general, and also learn about news and interesting milestones regarding our project, you can check out our blog. Here we'll discuss various items of interest about the project, talk about the technical development of the system, brag about important milestones, and keep project participants informed about the status of the project with important and relevant information. Financial Questions: What kinds of income exist? Participating in the project can reward you with two kinds of income - firstly we'll pay you for letting us use your computers processing power, and secondly you can earn money from our partner program. Both possibilities are a great way of earning extra income, with out taking up your time and energy. Whats my referral link for? We think that supporting our projects participants should be encouraged! You help us, and we'll help you. That means we'll pay you 20% from first level referral's daily earnings. Plus you'll also earn 10% of all the income that your referral earns on the second level. So your referral link is just that- a way for you to invite new participants to the project, which helps us increase our super-computer's processing power, and earn even more extra cash for you. How do I get my Money? You can get your money anytime you want. All you need to do is fill out a fund withdrawal request on your account management page. After your request is reviewed, the entire requested amount will be transferred to the bank account or Payza account.

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