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Our goal is to create the most powerful super computer in the world by combining the computational power of all computers (this type of computer is used in climate modeling, calculating satellite orbits, bio-mechanics and other areas)

What do we need a super computer for?

We are supporting this interesting and unusual project so that it has the chance to make life on our planet more comfortable and safer. Our main goals are to provide financial support for cutting edge practical research, support developments that for one reason or another will disrupt the status quo (such as alternative fuels or facial recognition software) and to provide support to talented scientists and geniuses. This is needed for us now, our children will need it in the future, and the entire planet will benefit in the future!

What we propose:

1) We propose a working relationship where interaction between participants is both natural and relaxed, and reinforced by confidence in the experience and general competence of the management process. We will draw strength for new achievement and progress from the thoroughness and optimism of participants in the project. We invite you to become one of us, become a strong member of our team, move forward, and only forward, with us! Success loves progress!

2) We offer you to use the full potential of your computer, which as a rule isnt used as it should be. Every day, in every home with an internet connection cyber-power is wasted, with out benefiting either society or the owner of the computer. And you can see that the cyber-power of modern technology is so great that not using this potential is a tragic waste. We propose using this strength, including using it for development.

3) We offer you the ability to become a participant in a great, in terms of concept and execution. You will also automatically become a full partner of the project.

Just imagine what could happen if your mobile stopped needing a recharger and worked forever with out charging? Perhaps you think this is magic? It isnt...think of all the things that have become reality that earlier were thought to be fantasy? You must have, at some point, asked the question why, in our high-tech century, we cant create an alternative fuel?. Well give you the answer to the question-The world economy has already been mired in energy intrigue. The race for resources has become the biggest priority for every government in the world, therefore most of the discoveries and developments have been blocked or suppressed by governments. So it turns out that even ingenious ideas like alternative fuels suffer, because they are not good for continuing a cycle of corruption- for the people blocking their development, supporting alternative fuels would be like cutting off the branch they are sitting on. Our project was conceived with the idea of supporting innovative ideas and discoveries that could not receive government funding a priori.

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Let The Computer To Earn

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super computer, Digital Generation Let The Computer To Earn, Take part in a world wide project, and receive daily income as a bonus! super computer. Digital Generation, super computer, Take part in a world wide project, and receive daily income as a bonus!

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