Trade manager metatrader forex trading
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Trade manager metatrader forex trading


the ultimate trade management solution for MT4. Designed by professional traders looking for a better way to manage their trades using the MetaTrader platform. FX Synergy has all the functionality you need to successfully execute and manage your trades, without all the usual hassles. FX Synergy is packed with powerful and unique features, and is designed from the ground up to be quick and easy to use.


The Ultimate Trade Manager For MetaTrader


We rarely promote forex products and never ones that we haven’t tested but recently Omar was showing me the trade manager he uses for mt4 (metatrader4) he has been using it for the last 6 months and I have to say it blew me away. I am technically hopeless and most trade managers are too complicated for my simple brain, but this thing is incredibly flexible and yet easy to use. Omar tells me it has been 100% reliable thus far and the final part of the puzzle is its not expensive either!


Trade Manager for MetaTrader with 1-Click Execution, Multiple Accounts, Stealth Mode, Partial Close, Stop Reverse, Break Even and many other powerful features

In my years of trading forex, I have always gravitated towards testing out and trying new things. Although I am quite happy with the knowledge and tools that I currently use, I am still always hunting for the next best thing. As a tester, I have seen a bit of everything. Everything from manual systems, to EAs, to various auxiliary tools to help the trader. Every once and a while though, something comes along so incredible and amazing, I literally have to share it with people and put my full endorsement.

Today I want to talk about a trade manager for mt4. Sure, we spend most of our time and resources looking for the “perfect system” that gives us the very best entries. But then what??? Fortunes are made and lost on trade management. Even a poor entry and be saved with savvy management and the best entry can turn into a loser (or at least not as big of a win) by a poor approach to managing the trade. But when you get into the world of trade management software, there are usually some major drawbacks

usually Doesn’t Allow Independent or Individual Order Management: Meaning you are stuck either only being able to manage 1 trade per pair, OR stuck having ALL order managed the same way. Or this can also mean your precious EA trades will be controlled by your trade manager if you happen to trade your EAs on your manual account (something I personally do). This alone can wreak havoc on your EA trades as it becomes a battle between trade manager and EA management.


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usually won’t let You Interfere: With the big majority of trade managers, when you manually try to change the trade management, the managers lose the trade. Either that or they negate what you just did (example: you move the stop to +15 pips to protect some gains even though that wasn’t part of the “plan”) by moving the stop back to where it was prior to your intervention. You pull your stop out after a volatile move, and the manager moves it back in without any new movement

Support resistance is THE most important technique you need to acquire for trading forex. There are many forms of support resistance as I show you in a number of videos in the 100% free forex training course in the main website. To access the forex training course simply register in the box to the right

For those of you who do not know what mtpm is: I have written/am writing a multi-purpose trade managing EA. At heart, this is about manipulating stop losses and take profits of trades already open. The only way to get a feel for what the ea does is to read the user guide and try the ea on demo, using what you glean from the guide


Best Trade Manager for mt4, A Trade Manager for mt4


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Welcome to the home of Manage The Pip (MTP). The #1 rated expert advisor for Metatrader 4 on the market that allows you to manage your trades. Using your own Forex Money Management Principles, MTP will Manage the Pip

MTP is as powerful and strategic expert advisor product you can get. Designed for performance and the fundamental principle of allowing you to manage your trade objectives, guiding you through the market with precision and at Internet speeds following your own unique trade plan and trade rules.


Trade Manager Forex Software for MT4, Multi-purpose trade management


Wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic if you could simply take a piece of software, point it at the market and just sit back to watch the money roll in month after month? Let's face it - that's not realistic. There is no free lunch out there

Visual Trading Console Trade Manager for Metatrader 4

MetaTrader doesn’t make order entry management an easy task. You need to go through several steps just to cover the basics, and if you need more advanced features, you have to use several different scripts or even Expert Advisors, which can be a real challenge with multiple trades.

Visual Trading Console Trade Manager for Metatrader 4 Forex Trading Tools | Metatrader tools plug-ins

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