Current Gold Price for buying and selling
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Today's current gold price on the stock market online


The price of gold over the past 24 hours in USD which is sold on the commodities exchange NYMEX / COMEX in New York (marked in green) including a comparison with the last two days (marked in blue and red). The spot price of gold depends on the current demand and supply. The higher the demand, the higher the price. If the market unexpectedly appear new gold, so the price will decrease or not grow. This price is valid only for large gold ingots "Comex good delivery bars" or the "LBMA Good Delivery Bars". On the New York Stock Exchange are used ingots weighing 100 troy ounces (3.10 kg) or 1 kilogram. Ingots are also accepted standard LBMA weighing 350-430 troy ounces (10.90 to 13.40 kg) for the volume of a trade in a minimum amount of 1,000 troy ounces, about 31.10 kilograms of pure metal.


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For the latest information and news from the world of gold including daily buying and selling prices of gold. Charts, tables, an overview of the gold price. The most important data from the history of gold


Today's gold price in USD


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Gold - current and historical gold prices, gold price graph - 1 year - USD currency


Updates prices for investment gold - investment gold bars and coins is done online


Exchange price of gold traded on commodity markets


Gold is traded on commodity markets, hence depends on its price. stock market price of gold


However, if the individual small investor wants to trade at current prices and not rely on the LBMA fix should follow an investment ingots with a certificate called. Liquid certified ingots suitable for individual investors. These ingots are sold at a higher price, these ingots are re-salable anytime and anywhere. Premium is for those certified ingots and liquid logically higher, because the buyer has the assurance of redemption not only from the dealer, but anywhere. The big advantage for the investor is primarily purchase at the current market price


Gold detailed graph of gold prices. Commodity prices on world stock markets, derivatives prices, price charts in crowns, dollars and euro. The annual chart


Sales of investment gold. And both in the form of investment gold bullion, investment gold medals, as well as annual gold sets. We supply gold from world renowned manufacturers. investment gold, gold ingots, gold medals, annual gold set.


Why invest in gold


Gold is convertible and recognized everywhere in the world is traded 24 hours a day and is the best way to insure the value of their funds.

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