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Official Affiliate Program

Forex Affiliate Program - the most valuable clicks in the world

What is +500Affiliates ?

affiliates program

Enjoy the highest CPA on the market, high revenue sharing percentages

affiliates program

Get up to $600 CPA for a trader

What is `Payment Plans`?

  • Payments plans are the business plans we can offer you to get paid for the promotional activity at +500Affiliates.

What is a CPA Plan?

  • CPA Plan- You'll receive a fixed payment for each Real Money Trader you bring to the site, which passes the qualified spreads limit. The payment depends on the country origin of the real trader, i.e. if you bring qualified real trader from Germany you get different payment than bringing one from Ireland. Check the full list here.

Czech Republic$350$400$450
Hong Kong$350$400$450
New Zealand$400$450$500
United Arab Emirates$350$400$450
United Kingdom$500$550$600
Ostatní země$200$250$300

What is a qualified CPA trader?

  • A qualified CPA trader, is a trader that made a first deposit and started to trade. When he passes the spreads limit you will get the CPA value that was set to you.

How I get paid for the qualified trader?

  • When a user from your promotional link opens a real account and starts trading for real, after opening some positions he will pass the qualified CPA limit. Each month we will calculate the sum of new qualified CPA traders, which are related to your affiliate id. You will earn your CPA value multiplied by the number of qualified CPA traders. In case the amount is below $150 it will be accumulated to next month's payment.

What is Revenue sharing plan?

  • Revenue sharing - Using this plan you receive percentage from the MGR created by the users you referred to us, where MGR equals to the monthly commissions from your users subtracted by the bonuses and chargebacks.

How I get paid in revenue share plan?

  • Each month we will calculate the sum of the commissions that were made by traders which related to your affiliate id. You will get percentages from the commissions subtracting the bonuses and charge backs. In case the amount is below $150 it will be accumulated to next month's payment.

Can I set my payments info?

  • You can set your payment info at the 'Manage Account' page.

When will I get paid?

  • We execute payments at the 10th of each month.

Payment Methods

  • You can set your payment method to either MoneyBookers or Bank Draft . If you choose to be paid by bank draft, a cheque will be sent to the address details that you enter on your account - it takes approx 2 week for your cheque to arrive. If you choose MoneyBookers your payment will arrive immediately after payment settlement. You need to enter the email which represents your MoneyBookers account on 'Account Details' tab.

Free to join

  • There are no fees, no software purchases and no monthly charges. All the programs are free to join by simply filling up an online form with your basic contact information and proof of ID (which is required by law for your own protection). You can become a Forex affiliate and start promoting immediately as the whole process of joining and getting started is automated. In many cases you will be contacted by a dedicated account manager that will make sure your registration is completed correctly and introduce you to the program.
  • With a daily turnover of $5 trillion USD, Forex is the largest financial market in the world with the biggest players being the large banks. The retail segment which includes small time investors is estimated to generate $50 – $100 billion in daily volume. The internet, online brokers and technology providers have assisted the Forex market in penetrating even further into the retail sector, with more and more small time investors trying their luck with currency trading. Forex affiliate program today offer among the best commissions online.
  • Forex is a market for trading currencies and its global by nature. It is also decentralized with no clearing house, meaning that investors trade directly with each other through online brokers, market makers and trading platforms. You will be promoting companies that offer their multilingual trading services to a global audience and feature account types that will suit any investor.
  • Stop promoting services that offer low commissions, little value and require thousands of sales to make a decent profit. With Forex starting CPA is $100 – $300 USD with potential to go up to $600 USD from each client. There is no limit on how much you can earn and no limit on the number of programs you can. There are 6+ Forex affiliate partnership types available including custom plans upon request.
  • Start promoting award winning brands and industry leaders that handle billions worth of transactions every month. Forex is regulated by independent and governmental bodies around the world, ensuring that the clients you refer are fully protected in the market. You will never have second thoughts about the company you promote, as Forex brokers are multi-million dollar businesses that offer renowned trading services and customer support.
  • As a Forex affiliate you will receive free access to a dedicated affiliate system that will keep track of your performance and earnings. It provides a range of marketing tools that can assist you in campaign optimization and maximizing your traffic. It also features dynamic tracking, commission analysis, custom reporting and multimedia.
  • Online brokers have invested a significant amount of money and resources in order to create a variety of marketing material for their affiliates. You will gain free access to hundreds of multilingual banners, mailers, infographics, widgets and videos that you can use on your site or blog.
  • Newcomers to the market have all the necessary tools they need in order to get started including dedicated personal support that can answer any questions. There is also an abundance of reading material, guides, tutorials and forex marketing resources available online. Take advantage of your existing marketing skills and promote a niche that is accessible for any type of affiliate such as email marketers, social media specialist, SEOs, bloggers, webmasters, professional traders and even offline.
  • All brokers provide dedicated support to affiliates and traders alike. You will be assigned a personal account manager that you can contact at any time for support. Most companies have offices in multiple locations around the world and host affiliate seminars which you can visit.
  • Get your commissions on time from a variety of payment methods. Forex brokers handle huge amounts of money & client transactions on a daily basis and are subjected to strict regulation and frequent audits. This means that you receive complete transparency on your commissions which are paid automatically every month based on the billing information you provide.

How to make money through Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Marketing

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