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Zero fees for trading.

GCI Financial offers 24 hour online forex trading with instant execution, low fixed spreads, trading from charts, and a range of CFD products.

GCI Financial offers 24 hour online forex trading with instant execution, low fixed spreads, trading from charts, and a range of CFD products.

GCI Financial ("GCI") is a online trading firm, specializing in Forex and CFD brokerage. The company's global client base includes individual traders, money managers, and institutions. GCI customers can trade Forex, gold, crude oil, indices, shares and more on the most advanced, secure, and easy-to-use online trading system. GCI Financial maintains Net Capital in excess of regulatory requirements and holds client funds in segregated customer accounts.

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Trade gold online - buy sell

A Golden Commodity Which Grows More Precious With Time

Considered a “safe-haven” commodity, in recent years, the price of Gold has broken countless records and has become one of the most popular trading instruments. With Finexo’s easy and efficient trading platform and competitive pricing, trade gold now and benefit from one of the only commodities which grow more and more precious as time goes by.

Trading commodities online is a fairly simple process to get started, but it is not something that should be entered into lightly. The traditional method of calling your commodity broker to place orders and waiting for a callback to give you a filled order price is quickly coming to an end. Therefore, if you want to trade commodities online, we will cover the process of how to start.

Trade OIL and Benefit from Fluid Market Opportunities

Notoriously sensitive to market events, Oil has become a go-to commodity for aggressive traders since market volatility creates many opportunities; in fact, Oil is one of the most actively traded products, creating a highly liquid, fast-moving, profit-generating environment.

Driven by several factors, including but not limited to geo-political events, global weather trends and run-of-the-mill economic data, the crude Oil trade has proven to be a successful starting-point for many traders looking to benefit from constantly unfolding market opportunities.

Forex – or Foreign Currency Trading – is the World’s Most Liquid Market

Trade Forex with Finexo and access both major and Minor currency pairs – from the ever-popular EUR/USD and GBP/USD to minor pairs such as the USD/SEK and USD/ZAR.

Margin requirements are subject to change at any time. In order to prevent any confusion,, at its best effort, will inform customers about any projected changes on Margin Requirements by email and via the messaging system of the trading platform at least a week before changes are implemented.

Trade COMMODITIES – Corn, Wheat, Coffee More!

From Sugar to Corn to Coffee and more, commodities are day-to-day products which you can trade without actually having to physically own the product. Like all other financial instruments offered by Finexo, choose your product of choice and benefit from Leverage ranging from 50:1 to 100:1.

Trading commodities online is a fairly simple process to get started, but it is not something that should be entered into lightly. The traditional method of calling

How To Start Trading Commodities Online

Trading commodities online is a fairly simple process to get started, but it is not something that should be entered into lightly. The traditional method of calling your commodity broker to place orders and waiting for a callback to give you a filled order price is quickly coming to an end. Therefore, if you want to trade commodities online, we will cover the process of how to start.

Online commodity trading is increasing in popularity among commodity traders, but is it right for you? In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of online commodity trading, the typical fees and profile some of the larger online brokers.

Online Commodity Trading

Trading commodities and futures online has many benefits over using a full service commodity broker. Much lower commissions is probably the best reason, but you really can't rely on a broker to make all the trading decisions for you, unless he has proven to be a good trader over time.

Online commodities trading is often compared to gambling. While many traders do resemble gamblers, the disciplined commodity futures traders are able to fight the urge to gamble and they have become very successful traders. Learn how you can distinguish between trading and gambling and how you can overcome gambling.

Review of Online Futures Broker Generic Trade

There are many online futures brokers to choose from, but comparing brokers has become an increasingly complex endeavor. Comparing the real commission rates and fees to trade futures and options has become somewhat of a quest for the truth in the sea of commodity broker ads. Many firms place contingencies on their offers or entice you with teaser rates.

Generic Trade is the first online futures broker I have seen to create obvious transparency for traders when they go to the company’s website to get more details. The website is somewhat basic and straight to the point - no bells, no whistles.

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Forex Trading Advice

Th?r? ?r? thousands ?f economies ?nd central banks ?ll ?v?r th? world, th?t influence th? exchange rate b?tw??n th? currencies. Th?? exchange rate ?? basically established b? central banks, ?u?h ?? th? Federal Reserve System ?f th? United States ?f America. Th? Forex ?? basically ?n abbreviation ?f th? term Foreign Exchange. Just ?? th? rise ?nd fall ?n th? stock market ??n b? used ?? ? means ?f trade, th? differences ?n th? exchange rate ?f th? two currencies ?? used ?n order t? trade ?nd reap th? financial benefit ?f th? exchange rate.

Forex ?? ?l?? known ?? ? currency trading market ?r ?n FX. Th? basic working structure ?nd principle ?f th? Forex ?? based ?n th? simple economic model ?f barter exchange. Th? supply ?nd demand, facilitate th? needs ?f each ?th?r. F?r example, ? businessman ?n th? United States needs ? specific amount ?f Euro currency, ?nd ?t th? same time, ?n?th?r businessman ?n England needs ??m? Dollars. Th? two parties th?t ?r? th? ends ?f th? barter exchange transact w?th th? help ?f ? Forex broker, ?nd th? need f?r Dollars ?nd Euro ?? satisfied.

Th? rate ?f exchange ?f currencies changes ?v?r? day. F?r example, one day, th? Euro might b? equal t? 1.45 United States Dollars, ?nd th? very next day, ?t might change t? 1.30 (?t mu?t b? noted th?t th??? figures ?r? just random examples ?nd ?r? n?t actual). Th?? difference ?n th? currencies th?t occurs ??r??? th? world ?? used ?? ? subject ?f trade b? many individuals ?nd organizations. Th?r? ?r? many individuals wh?, just like th? investors ?f share markets, make u?? ?f th? difference ?n values. At th? same time, th?r? ?r? many banks, finance institutes, ?nd people involved ?n th? import ?nd export trade, wh? make u?? ?f th? foreign exchange market t? ??th?r make money ?r save money.

Th? key advice th?t ??u ?h?uld remember wh?l? undertaking Forex trading ?? “sell b?f?r? ?t falls, ?nd buy b?f?r? ?t rises”. If ??u ?r? planning u??n trading ?nd investing ?n th? Forex exchange market, th?n ?t ?? extremely important t? get th? right Forex trading education. Y?u might ?? w?ll try ?ut th? Forex trading course th?t ?? available ?n th? Internet, wh??h w?ll give ??u ? brief idea ?b?ut th? process th?t ?? involved ?n Forex trading. It ?? ?l?? important th?t ??u arm ??ur??lf w?th th? good knowledge ?f Macroeconomic theories. It mu?t b? noted th?t th? changes ?n th? Forex market ?r? heavily governed b? th? Laws ?f Demand ?nd Supply. Thu?, ?t ?? necessary t? grasp ?ll th? essential economic theories.

Y?u w?ll find th?t th?r? ?r? many different sources th?t w?ll give ??u extensive Forex trading tips. H?w?v?r, th? best trick t? r??ll? get th? grasp ?f th? Forex market ?? t? have ? look ?t th? economies th?t ??u wish t? trade ?n. It ?? best th?t ??u stick t? ? specific pair ?f currencies like USD ?nd Euro ?r USD ?nd Yen, ?r even Euro ?nd Rupee. Th? best way t? keep ? tab ?n th? behavior ?f ?u?h economies ?? t? take into consideration trends ?n th??? economies, b? studying th? changes ?n th? prices ?f th? recent ???t ?r studying th? annual GDP ?nd National Income.

Th?r? ?r? ?l?? ?th?r economic indicators, ?u?h ?? prices ?f gold ?nd silver ?r th? prices ?f oil, th?t ??u ??n u?? t? predict ?nd forecast th? increase ?nd decrease ?n th? currency exchange rate. Y?u m?? ?l?? observe th? seasonal rise ?n th? rates ?f exchange ?nd ?l?? observe th? upward ?nd downward projections. Th? best strategy ?? t? patiently observe growth ?nd sell b?f?r? th? economy starts going into ? downward projection.

Th? Forex trading strategy ?? ?n?th?r crucial point th?t ??u need t? follow. F?r example, select just ? handful ?f national economies ?nd specialize ?n th??r observations. F?r example, ??u ??n trade w?th ?nl? Asian economies ?r ?nl? Capitalist economies. After ? few months time, ??u ?h?ll become ?n expert ?n trading w?th th??? economies.

Th?r? ?r? numerous advantages ?f Forex trading. Th? biggest advantage ?? th?t ??u ??n make ? considerable amount ?f money b? just sitting ?t home ?nd operating ? Forex trading account. Y?u w?ll ?l?? notice th?t th?r? ?r? numerable sources th?t w?ll give ??u advice. But l?t m? just tell ? very nice statement th?t m? economics teacher w?uld recite fr?m time t? time. “Want Advice? Ask ??ur knowledge, experience ?nd sense, f?r advice. Th?? d?n’t have time f?r nonsense, n??th?r do ??u ?nd I”.

If ??u ?r? looking t? earn money fast w?th?ut investing ?n stocks, ?nd ??n take ??m? risk, th?n ??u ?h?uld think ?b?ut investing ?n forex trade. Forex trade means trading ?n foreign currencies, wh?r??n ??u buy ? particular currency wh?n ?t? price ?? less ?nd sell wh?n th? price rises. No doubt th?r? ?r? high risks involved, but ?t ??n give ??u high returns. M?r??v?r, ??u ??n ?l?? u?? global forex system, wh??h ?? nothing but software th?t ??n automatically generate profits f?r ??u. Th? following paragraphs w?uld give ??u ?n idea wh?th?r ?u?h forex trading systems r??ll? help ??u generate ?n?ugh profits.

If ??u search f?r th? forex day trading systems ??u ??n find several results, wh??h say th?t th?? ?r? th? best systems th?t work. H?w?v?r, b?f?r? choosing one, ??u need t? ensure th?t th?? give ??u th? desired results. Take ? look ?t wh?t ?th?r people have t? say ?b?ut ? particular system. Th?r? ?r? trading systems wh??h ?r? automated ?nd have several features t? make trading easy. Su?h systems keeps ? track ?f th? market trends ?nd advise ??u ????rd?ngl?. Th?r? ?r? ??m? systems wh??h run automatically, ?nd do n?t require ??u t? sit ?n front ?f ??ur computer, taking ? look ?t th? market trends. Th? systems ?r? created ?n ?u?h ? way th?t ??u ??n set ? limit ?n profits ?f ??u want, ?nd once ?t reaches th?t limit, ??u ??n withdraw th? money gained.

Forex trading strategies ?r? ?n demand ?? more ?nd more investors ?r? choosing t? trade ?n currencies. H?w?v?r, n?t ?ll ?f th?m ?r? shifting th??r bases fr?m stock trading ?nd have h?rdl? ?n? information ?b?ut wh?t energizes ?r depresses ? market, ?n general. Even knowing ?b?ut th??? things w?n’t help th? ?ld hands fr?m th? stock market th?t mu?h ?? currency trading ?? ? completely different ball game. H?w?v?r, w?th?n depth study ?f th? trends ?n ?nd th? patterns ?f th? forex trading market, n?t getting carried away b???u?? ?f th? greed ?nd lot ?f patience ?n??n?, experienced ?r ? beginner, ??n make reasonable profits b? trading ?n currency.

In our commentary last week we noted how one extra-large gold deposit at the JPMorgan (JPM) warehouse increased eligible gold inventories for the week. This week we continued to see a couple more deposits by seemingly the same entity (more on that later) into the JPMorgan COMEX gold warehouse. It was these deposits that led to a considerable rise in eligible gold stored at the COMEX warehouses for the week. But none of this gold was available for delivery, as registered gold stocks dropped for the week. We continue to think it is very important for gold investors to keep track of any physical data on gold. Keeping track of COMEX inventories is something that is recommended for all serious investors who own physical gold and the gold ETFs (GLD, PHYS, and CEF) because any abnormal inventory declines may signify extraordinary events behind the scenes that would ultimately affect the gold price.

As investors can see, last week we saw a large increase in eligible gold stocks - though it was all due to two deposits of 128,600 gold ounces at the JPM warehouse. If not for these two deposits, eligible gold would have declined for the week. Additionally, we saw registered gold drop for the week by 23,018 gold ounces - so nobody who added gold wanted any of it available for delivery. Another Two Large Deposits at the JP Morgan Warehouse Gold As we noted last week, one entity at the JPM warehouses have been significantly increasing their eligible gold position. This week we believe the same entity, made another two large deposits of gold into JPM warehouses. Why the same entity? Well, these three deposits piqued our interest and we looked at all eligible gold deposits at the JPM warehouse over the last year and we found the following similar deposits:

Weekly COMEX Gold Inventories: Large JPMorgan Gold Deposits Continue But None Of It Available For Delivery